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Miles Okazaki

Guitarist Miles Okazaki is Ambassador of the Guitars Support Children Foundation.  
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"As the father of three children, I think about their future constantly, what kind of example to set and what kind of world we will be leaving for them. As a touring musician, I've had the rare opportunity to see the way people live in many parts of the world, which has given me an appreciation for the connections that we can make between cultures, regardless of political differences. Daniel Slaman is a master luthier, which is a difficult field both in terms of craft and finance. Through this Foundation, he is providing people in the arts an example of how we can contribute to worthy cause with funds that we would be spending anyway on the tools of our trade. I'm happy to be associated with the Foundation."

Miles Okazaki. december 2019

Daniel Slaman and Miles Okazaki, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
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