2020 - Guitars Support Children Foundation

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August 2020

Despite the corona pandemic, the Guitars Support Children Foundation is happy to report that all plans for 2020 can go forward as envisioned in 2019 when the world did not yet know what was coming!

Picture of the (social distancing outdoor!) Board meeting 14th of August, 2020.
David van Ooijen, Daniel Slaman and Sylvia van der Lubbe.

June 2020

We welcome guitarist Gretchen Menn as Ambassador of the Guitars Support Children Foundation.

Read about Gretchen here.
January 2020

Guitarist Miles Okazaki has become Ambassador of the Guitars Support Children Foundation.

Read more here

Pauletta 2020; project guitar for 2020

The Pauletta 2020 is a project guitar, made to mark the beginning of the Foudation in 2020. The new decade will bring about many changes, just like any decade before. The Pauletta 2020 guitar carries a message of hope and belief that we can make positive change; it's a mental attitude. You may contribute to bring about change by purchasing the guitar of which all proceeds will be allocated to the Guitars Support Children Foundation, which in it's turn will, in the year 2020, donate the proceeds to organisation(s) that are working for children, anywhere in the world. The specific goal(s) will be established each year by the Board and published on the internet site of the Foundation.

VIDEO presentation of the guitar

The guitar will be sold through Daniel Slaman Guitars so as to assure you are dealing with a guitar company in terms of delivery and guarantee. Click here to go to the Slaman Solid Body guitar website for more info on the guitar.
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